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March 31, 2008

Quick blog break here–for the update on my 9-to-5 book of choice, Understanding Media. The subtitle is “The Extensions of Man”, and damn do I ever hear that. Stretched between emails, computer screens, freelance video and writing assignments: it’s not like it gets any easier.

This is my first time reading Mcluhan actually which is part of the reason I picked it up. I was in Victoria a few years back, meeting for the first time my friend and future cohort Darren Alexander. There in his ramshackle garage was a post-millenial media nook, a stacked little edit suite, camera gear, and shelves full of media theory.  Picking one up idly I said something like “Oh. I see.”

“You’ve read Mcluhan?”

“Well, not exactly, but I’ve heard all the aphorisms, which is kind of the same thing.”

And staring me dead in the face, Darren took the book from my hands and said

“No. It isn’t.”

And that was that. Three years later now I saw a beat up copy kicking around Balfour and snatched it up. I’ve got a debt to pay.

As an interesting postscript, in this video interview with William Gibson that Darren and I did for the Globe last fall he claimed to not have read McLuhan either. “I was in Yorkville during the sixties man… It was in the air.”

So there you go.

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